32 Pools

All with excellent vehicular access

The beats at Kinkell

A huge variety of fly water split over two beats

The beat comprises 32 named pools, providing an exceptional variety of fly water but at certain heights of water, spinning is allowed.

The beat is split into the Upper and Lower sections, with 16 pools on each. These are fished by 8 rods on a rotational basis with 4 rods on each beat.

Teams will be split between the Upper and Lower beats and then swap over at lunchtime, allowing each rod an opportunity to fish any part of the fishings in one day.

Much of the beat has excellent vehicular access, preventing the need to walk large distances to gain access to the pools, so again, it is ideal for the elderly or the less active fisher.

Catch Records

A brief summary of Seasons past…

The catch records for Kinkell are set out below. It should be noted that the 2020 catch record does not accurately represent the river’s full potential as the river was not fished from mid March through to the end of May, due to the Covid–19 lockdown. This would normally be a productive time for Spring and early Summer fish to be caught.

2020 127 178
2019 116 202
2018 112 176
2017 196 267
2016 209 190
2015 189 309
2014 153 142
2013 177 149
2012 189 233
2011 228 271
2010 239 185
2009 182 287

Location and Meeting Point

Kinkell is fortunate in its location, in that it is highly accessible both in terms of getting to the beat and on the beat itself. Kinkell is situated just three miles from the local town of Auchterarder and seven miles from Crieff. The beat is easily accessed from both the M9 and the M8 and is just 58 miles from Edinburgh and 48 miles from Glasgow, meaning it can be easily reached from both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports.

The main fishing hut and car park are located on the north bank, just 50 yards from Kinkell bridge. The second hut is located halfway down the beat next to the Hut Pool.


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