A fly for all occasions

Change your approach to suit water temperature and the time of the year

Tackle Essentials

Our thoughts on what works on the river

If you intend to bring your own rod and tackle a variety of rod lengths will suit Kinkell. We recommend using a switch or double handed rod ranging from 12-15 ft, paired up with a floating line and a variety of sinking tips for different conditions. In the early spring, we would recommend a larger 14-15 ft rod as any fish encountered in these early months are often of good size and condition. The average weight of fish caught in March 2020 was just under 10lb. In the spring, the water can be high and cold and as a result every attempt should be made to fish ‘slow and deep’. When the water and air temperature are cooler, the fish are less inclined to travel any significant distance to intercept your fly. As a result, in such conditions, we recommend using sinking tips coupled with heavy tube flies. Later in the year, when water conditions are lower, a shorter 12-14ft rod would cover all situations on the river, however larger rods may still be used.

In terms of which flies work well at Kinkell, a range of flies from size 6 to 12 will cover most conditions. The following are generally regarded as a good starting point for fishing on the Earn: Ally’s Shrimps, Cascade, Stoat’s Tail, General Practitioner, Hitch, Monroe, Hairy Mary, Thunder and Lightning, Willie Gunn, Frances (of all colours), Pot Bellied Pig and Sunray shadows but all traditional Scottish flies will work. Sandy boasts an extensive fly collection and ties many of them himself. He will be able to help advise on a suitable fly for every occasion, as well as help ensure the correct rod set up.

Rod & Tackle Hire

Setting you on your way for a day to remember

We have several different rod and reel combinations for guests to hire, which were provided by Fin and Game. This is in our opinion the best tackle shop in the country and we strongly recommend it to all our guests.

Rods, reels, lines and flies are available for clients to hire at a flat rate of £50 for the duration of your stay. Sandy the Ghillie will ensure the rod and reels are fitted with the appropriate lines and tips for the fishing conditions appertaining at the time of your visit.

A variety of waders are also available for hire at a cost of £15 per day.

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